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Dark Pantheon
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Welcome to Dark Pantheon

Welcome adventurer!  You have arrived at the Dark Pantheon guild site.  We are a Hibernian guild on the Pellinor server in the world of Dark Age of Camelot.  Please, look around to learn more about us and be sure to stop by the forums to say hello.  If you would like to become a member of Dark Pantheon, please read the new member post in the Round Table forum. You can get there by following this link. New Member Application Info.

Guild News


536967421_Inactive, Jan 10, 05 7:48 AM.
Me and Lissette have packed up our stuff and have left the realm of Hibernia in search of other adventures.  At this point in time we have taken up residence in Norrath in Everquest 2.  We wish all of you safe journeys and the luck of the gods in your travels.

We may someday return to Hibernia, but until then take care!

Cleaning of the Forums

536967421_Inactive, Nov 1, 04 10:10 AM.
I am now starting to clean the forums.  Old posts that dont serve much of a purpose are going to be moved into the archive folder.

Also, I added a Scroll Request Thread for DP members.  Alls you have to do is post a list of the scrolls you need and this will help us to decide where to farm.

Fall Cleaning

536967421_Inactive, Oct 26, 04 4:57 PM.
Im going to be cleaning up some things around the guild.  Ive been updating the webpage and will be removing toons from the guild that I dont know, only if they have a black indicator on the herald.  If I remove one of your toons, just let me know and well get them back in the guild.  Weve been around for over a year and this will be the first cleaning so bear with me.

EDIT: I did my removals from the guild.  I disbanded all the toons that were in black status on the herald.  The ones I didnt disband are known alts of people who dont play as often (at least as far as I know they dont at this time).  If I removed one of your alts, reinvite them or let me know to reinvite.  Sorry for the inconvienences.

UPDATE: I removed between 20-25 inactive toons from the guild.


Exploration of Passage of Conflict Follow-Up

536967421_Inactive, Jul 6, 04 8:20 AM.
The Passage of Conflict is an interesting place.  We explored all of hib side of the dungeon killing Drevaul and Leiutenant Khallus. Some strange things happened while we were in teh dungeon. We also got slammed by some shaders hehe...there were watchers above though and maybe they are the key to getting by the shaders.  Next trip we shall see.  Overall it is a fun dungeon to play in...lots of drops including realm respec stones.  I look forward to our next trip there as well as exploring the mid and alb side of the dungeon.

As far as ML2 goes....ML2 must be my unicorn raid.  We got the thieves step done as well as killed Rrionne.  But it wasnt pretty.  Guess thats what happen when you raid for 7+hrs.  Next time...

RvR Night Follow-Up

536967421_Inactive, Jul 2, 04 6:59 AM.
I think this trial night went well.  It seems that we can easily take towers and then enemy realms come out shortly after to take them back hehe. We even got some rps too!!!  Playing with siege weapons is so much fun hehe.
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